Ham DMR in the Pacific Northwest of the United States DMR@DMR.groups.io

     This is Digital Mobile Radio for Ham Radio Operators with a primary flavor for the Pacific Northwest.  

Within this "​Parent​"​​ DMR ​IO Group ​are also PNWDigital.NetDCI and several other subgroups.  Some groups have open membership while others have some restrictions so read the introductions closely as there may be conditions that you must satisfy such as providing your call sign, location, etc.  If a group has restrictions or requests more information from you, don't ignore the request...as you likely will not be granted membership without that information.  This is a key requirement for most of our sub-groups, please enter your name, Call, Location and Radio ID's in your subscription profile as soon as posible.

NOTE: If you are trying to join PNWDigital.Net, click on: https://dmr.groups.io/g/PNW/, scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the Button --->  "Apply For Membership In This Group".  That is our Primary group for supporting DMR in the Pacific Northwest.

Please add your First Name, Call Sign​, Location (City/ST) and your DMR radio ID numbers​ to your profile also.  This group is the best place to set up your profile with this needed information as it will be carried over to any of the subgroups that you may elect to join now or later here at PNWDigital.Net.  You only need to set it up 1 time if you update your subscription profile right here and from within the DMR-Main group.  It is a time saver for you and our IO Group admins if done NOW and here.

Please select a subgroup from the list and checkout these groups directly:  https://dmr.groups.io/g/DMR/subgroups

Do Not post in this main group, always select a sub​-​group please.  If you do post it here, your message will likely be dropped into the bit bucket...

For more information on how to join our groups as quickly as possibly, see our details page.

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