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DMR | DMR-Main / Ham DMR in the Pacific Northwest of the United States
This is Digital Mobile Radio for Ham Radio Operators with a main flavor for the Pacific Northwest.  Within this "Main" section for DMR are also *PNW DMR* ( ) , DCI ( ) and several *other subgroups* ( ).  Some groups have open membership while others have some restrictions so read the introductions closely as there may be conditions that you must satisfy such as providing your call sign, location, etc.  If a group has restrictions or requests more information from you, don't ignore the you likely will not be granted membership without it. This group the best place to set up your profile, which will be carried over to any of the subgroups that you may elect to join now or later.  You only need to set it up 1 time if you update your subscription profile from within the DMR-Main group. Please select a subgroup from the list and checkout those groups directly. Do Not post in this main group, always select a subgroup please.  Moderation is activated, if you do post it, your message will go to the moderation team first. For more information on how to join our groups as quickly as possibly, *see our details page* ( ).
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • DMR | BC-TRBO / BC-TRBO, British Columbia, Canada
    British Columbia is a c-Bridge partner with PNW DMR.  If they wish to have a presence here, then this space is available.  Unknown if this sub-group will gain traction.
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  • DMR | Codeplugs / PNW Codeplug Clearinghouse Control Center
    Since creation of this subgroup and after seeding membership with those who have published plugs in PNW, many have joined but none have contributed, commented, evaluated, tested or otherwise been seen here.  You were allowed to join with the premise that you would help us out.  This is more and alpha/beta presence for the worker bees.  All finalized codeplugs for PNW will be published in PNW eventually so you don't need to be here unless you intend to help us in our efforts to help all members of PNW DMR. So now, when you request to join this group, please also provide a thumbnail to the *moderators ( )* , *post to the group* ( ) on why you wish to join or put something in your subscription bio that will let us know you are not just here to take the work of others.  Those many who joined, if we don't see something soon from you, you will likely be unsubscribed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the PNW group for codeplug minutia, Codeplug Clearinghouse so-to-speak.  This group is especially for feedback on the "official" codeplugs for this group.  Ideally we will have a master coder adopting their codeplugs and agreeing to keep them current. Also this will be the place to post corrections, updates, changes and additional needs to that "Master" codeplug.  We hope to make this the clearinghouse for PNW codeplugs and to make it easier to weed out the mistakes that are in all codeplugs.  And not clutter up our main IO group with all the chatter about codeplugs. This is primarily a group for those interested in making our codeplugs better and those interested in contributing their efforts for the benefit of all our members.  If you join just to grab codeplugs and not otherwise to provide any effort to help us make them better, then you may ultimately be dropped from this group.  We shall see how that goes as this group matures.  As plugs are updated by the adopter, those plugs can be posted to our main PNW group as is done now.  But only the officially maintained, adopted codeplug will become a "Master" codeplug that can use that moniker so that we have some way to differentiate from the various incarnations of the same model codeplugs already published, including what are called Stock in the maingroup. Let's begin with the Anytone 868 as it is by far the most popular.  And now the 878 is potentially there too as the 868 codeplug can be used to seed the 878 CPS. We also have the CS-580 and the Tytera MD-380 and 390 series that merit early adoption. We should use some sort of versioning system in the file names that provide the version of the CPS, the firmware version, the date published, radio model and an arbitrary revision number.  For example: "D868-PNW-cps_.133-fw_2.33-181031-rev1.01.rbt"   Ideally the adopter will maintain these revs basing their work on the submissions to this group, all using the correct hashtags so that it will be easy to follow the machinations of one type of radio model as posts are made. When codeplugs are ready to be published, they can be moved to the "Masters" directory.  This will be for all codeplugs makes/models and will have only the saltest master codeplug for each radio or series.  The various revisions or uploads will remain in their individual folders for action. ...More to come...
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  • DMR | DCI / Digital Communications Interconnect
    Digital Communications Interconnect, DCI was once part of TRBO-6, the original IPSC based Ham Radio Group using DMR in 2009. Currently using the Yahoo Group, but evaluating IO...not much happening here as yet...
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  • DMR | DCI-Inland / DCI - Inland Group
    Testing the water for interest
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  • DMR | DMR-Repeaters / DMR Repeater Deployment in Washington State
    This is a general considerations group to foster MotoTRBO repeater growth and coverage expansion in the Pacific Northwest.  This is a subgroup for MotoTRBO repeater owners in Washington British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  FM Repeater owners are generally welcome if they are active in PNW DMR already and are generally interested in deploying MotoTRBO repeaters. Please update your Subscription Profile to include: call, name, location and optionally more info along the line of the subject of this subgroup.  This should be done when you request to join or very soon thereafter.  More info on that update *HERE* ( ). The purpose is to be able to discuss TRBO repeater deployment options.  Subjects such as which sites, coverages, UHF or VHF, costs, points of contacts, site requirements, existing FM repeaters considered to switch to MotoTRBO, etc. Membership is primarily by invitation.  If this appeals to you, you are welcome to request to join our group.  You should update your subscription profile to include the basic information above as well as your interest, experience and why you wish to join.  If you know one of the members of this group, please mention that as well.  This is not a secret handshake society but a selective private effort to more efficiently expand MotoTRBO DMR in our region through our collective experiences and efforts. Negotiations or other private stuff is optional and likely best not discussed here.  If you are shy, please email: ** and tell us what you don't wish the entire group to know.  We look forward to a wide and experienced group of folks who are driven to get things done and hope you will participate and not just lurk...because you can.
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  • DMR | MotoTRBOusa / MotoTRBO (DMR) In the USA/North America
    MotoTRBO (now more generically DMR) support for Ham Radio Operators in North America.   This group is a transfer-in group from the MotoTRBO USA Yahoo Group created June 29, 2009.   This group promotes the use of Motorola's IPSC as well as the c-Bridge in the Ham community.    The group's focus should help anyone interested in IPSC network administration/codeplug design with an emphasis in the areas of IPSC Protocol implementation and breaking through to the secrets of network management, control and security, primarily by using the c-Bridge.   We hope you all document and share your discoveries or experiences. We want to explore the uses of TRBO and hope that with the efforts by a wider base of members, to learn more and do it more efficiently.   We operate several c-Bridges and more than 30 TRBO repeaters running in multiple states on our IPSC networks. DCI's repeaters are open to all, visitors, travelers and everyday users as all repeaters are open.   We are hopeful that a wider user base will contribute to the group and that will benefit all of us here. Please make an effort to be an active participant.   This group currently uses moderation of all requests to join and new member postings to insure that this is a SPAM-free group. As members become better known to the moderators, we will likely free you from moderation or ask if we don't.   PLEASE read the administrative files. You should keep the posts on topic, update the subject lines to reflect the shifting discussion threads and DO NOT OVER QUOTE. For more details, go into Files; Admin and read up on it.   We hope that you profit from this group and can contribute too. Fewer contributions; less value for everyone, so please jump in. Commercial ads are discouraged unless they benefit us hams as well, so put your price, shipping and details in a post.
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  • DMR | OR-North / Oregon North Network, Search and Rescue
    DMR repeaters located in Oregon state (with 2 in southwest WA) are part of the PNW DMR network.  Oregon North, owned and managed by KB7APU, Loren, operates primarily as a SAR network with priorities aimed at supporting Search and Rescue.  Visitors and travelers are welcomed to use these repeaters and the available talkgroups, but regular QSO's should be limited to 10 minutes or so.  More info in the PNW Wiki or at the PNW website or Oregon Facebook page. **** PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CALLSIGN IN YOUR PROFILE ****
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  • DMR | PNW / Pacific Northwest DMR
    *Pacific Northwest DMR  --  WA7DMR* ----------------------------------- We are a c-Bridge based network of MotoTRBO repeaters located in British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington with our own direct connecting MMDVM servers.  We operate 2 c-Bridges using 2 data centers and more than 35 repeaters, 9 MMDVM servers and 1 Echo Server supporting our network operations ( diagram ( ) ).  The HamWAN ( ) Microwave backbone is used where possible and we are coordinating our sites and efforts to help grow the HamWAN network. NOTE: After requesting to join, you *MUST* enter your name, call sign and location into your Subscription/profile.  Please do not skip this step as it will delay your approval or your request may expire. This goup is the main support and information vehicle for the users of the Pacific Northwest Ham DMR Networks who are located in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. British Columbia is also affiliated and we share many of our PNW talkgroups with BC-TRBO. You must be a member of this group in order to use the Washington Repeaters.  Our membership criteria is based on call sign and member location.  To join our group, please provide your name, call and location.  Additional information may speed up your approval.  More details HERE ( ). This is an interactive group, so please if you have questions, comments or wish to help others with their DMR activities, jump right in and post. If few participate, then our group will provide poorer support for its members. We are also experimenting with  Our PNW DMR presence there is: * ( )* New users, PLEASE check out our other support page on PNW at: ( ) for a quick update on repeaters, talkgroups & our best practice page or go to our Wiki ( ) for that information.  All users are expected to have read those pages and operate accordingly.  Any questions, please send them to our moderators at: ( ) Please add your name, call  and location to your profile also.  Any other info is optional but always nice (profile image/avatar is very handy to have) to be able to get to know group members better with a bit of help via their profile. We are now focusing our build-out efforts to include VHF repeaters all over the state of Washington, with 5 more *repeaters* ( ) (planned) to be added in 2018 after the winter snows.  We still encourage individuals and clubs, ARES groups, etc to BYOB their own repeaters for fill-in services anywhere in our region.  We will assist you in deploying your assets to come onto the PNW DMR Network. We use MotoTRBO repeaters but are client radio agnostic as long as they work properly on our networks. While MotoTRBO is fully supported and BFDX CS-580's and Anytone AT-D868UV (dual band) are the suggested (mid-range cost) HT options, other models may require their owners to support their radios directly. We appreciate and encourage all member to share their codeplugs and experiences with the group. PNW also supports MMDVM devices with our main "Bridget" servers but also several others are available for member use.  HotSpots are able to connect directly into our network locally, providing an alternative to Brandmeister connections.  We do also have a number of BM cross-connected talkgroups as well as our own dedicated BM talkgroup: PNW Regional, TG ID 31771 (timeslot 2 on our c-Bridge) If you are a regular user of PNW DMR networking servers you need to join this group.  Visitors to our region and through travelers need not become members.  Much information is passed to our members via this list and regular users should benefit by receiving it as well participating more with our other members. This is NOT a general DMR group and is only open to members living in our region or those with exceptional reasons if not in our area. We need to know your name, call sign and location at the very minimum, so update your profile and for faster service to be approved, send an Email to: with your call, location and why you wish to join.  This group is not moderated. It is your choice if you don't want list posts via Email, please go to your profile and adjust how emails are sent to you.  Digesting is a great option to bundle up multiple posts and receive a menu'ed grouping of individual posts all in a single package.  ln case of PNW crisis (as we recently had with Yahoo Groups) the moderators may require information to be disseminated ASAP, so we may override your settings to push important system information your way for critical events only.
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  • DMR | PNW-Core-Meet-up / PNW DMR Core Group Meet-up Organizing SubGroup
    This is an organizing subgroup only.  Limited to those attending PNW admins, repeater owners or other vested members. The meet-up for September 2018 is over.  This group will remain idle now until the next event planning. The photo above is from our Moses Lake Symposium in October of 2017, not a core meeting but well attended training event.
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  • DMR | PNW-DMR-Managers / PNW DMR Repeater Managers
    A closed group for repeater owners, site managers and other major contributors who may have assets dedicated to PNW DMR. This is not the PNW DMR Admin Team but a more general group that would deal with current repeater and networking issues, updates, changes and such on a more system-wide basis as well as local repeater issues. If you have specific issues with the networking resources, issues outside of your control, please Email the PNW DMR Admin Team: The admin team will not necessarily know there are networking issues, so if you notice something amiss, please drop us a note.
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  • DMR | PNW-DMR-Mentors / PNW DMR Mentor and Members - Ask us a Question
    If you have a question about DMR, you may ask it here (via Email).  Ideally, you should ask all questions in PNW as there are hundreds of members from which to draw knowledge.  But if you don't like the larger forum and need some help with DMR, then you are in the right place.  You still must be a member of PNW in order to get questions answered here.  Do not request to join unless you wish to become a mentor. No one will see your question except our Moderators who have agreed not to share your name, call or location with others.  So don't hesitate to send us a question and we will try our best to answer your question. You do not need to join this group unless you wish to become a mentor.  Our answers to your questions will be sent by Email back to you. *Include your Name, Call Sign and Location* in the body or sig line of your Email.      Please Email your questions to:  ** ( ) To participate, you must be a member of PNW DMR, that is, be a member in our IO Group:  ** ( ) When sending in a question be sure to include your Name, Call Sign and Location (city,state).  If this information is not included in your Email, you may not get a response as we are not a general DMR help service.  Also, please keep in mind that we are all volunteers, so if our response is slow or you feel you are getting the brush-off or otherwise, short shrift, let us know.  Unless you let us know that we have failed to provide you a decent response, we on this team will not know (or the same mentor that treated you poorly) that we failed.  So give us another chance, let us know, ask us again from a slightly different angle.  We don't want to go away mad and speak ill of our group. We are here to support our regional membership primarily.  Any other efforts to support the general ham community is up to the Moderators and will depend on available time.  This why it is important for you to include your name, call sign and location as our members come first. Your questions will be private however we reserve the right to use your question and our answers in our general PNW support groups.  We will remove all identifying information before posting it.  This policy will allow us to better serve our members in areas that you may have addressed and we failed to support as well as we could.  It also better utilizes our time by being able to share our time and effort across a broader group, rather than to only a single individual. If you wish to become an Elmer/Mentor, just send in that information to the Email address above and tell us a bit more.  That information will remain internal and not be made public.  If you wish to become a mentor, you may request to join as well but we need to have some information so put it in your bio.  But the Eamil above is best.  Thanks for your interest.
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  • DMR | PNW-DMR-Open / PNW DMR Public Support
    If you are interested the PNW DMR group and you otherwise can't join our area members group but you wish to have some involvement, you are welcome to join here, ask questions of us, request codeplugs, repeater coverage etc.  We will help you out. Please add this basic information to your Subscription Profile:  Name, Call Sign and your location (City, State).  We would very much appreciate you adding to your sig line as well as add an avatar and put some detail in your Bios, but that is optional. If you don't provide your name/Call/Location, you likely will not be approved and if you are, you likely will remain moderated past the standard 1-3 posts. Hope to see you soon.
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  • DMR | PNW-Dev / PNW Development Group
    Projects and other development work by a dedicated group of PNW members who work to create more and/or better services on behalf of PNW DMR Email seems to be a poor method to tie together all the talent and reduce duplication, it is hoped that this restricted group will be an aid in coordination of the efforts and work to be a supplement to the OpenProjects server now in place. More to follow...
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  • DMR | PNW-Events / First Annual PNW DMR at Valley Camp
    *     First Annual PNW DMR at Valley Camp for 2019* --------------------------------------------------- This group is for organizing our events such as has been done in the past with the Blaine Clinic, the Moses Lake Symposium and now the West Siders planning at Valley Camp.  Other event planning or recycling could be done later as well. If you would like to assist in the organizing, volunteering or other aspects to help bring this event to Valley Camp, you can request membership.  We are not looking for lookieLou's on this project, so don't request to join unless you honestly wish to help with is event.  Please send any additional info on how you might be able to assist to the group at:  ** So the current event to be organized is the West Siders event, maybe now called PNW DMR at Valley Camp for 2019.  This group will likely evolve but for now, my experience has been that Email organization just gets cluttered, information lost and generally painful when mixed in with one's primary Email. So check out the group...I will invite the current list of people who have expressed interest via the poll, over the air and of course Thom K7FZO and Bob AF9W...along with the PNW DMR admin team.  If you are invited and not interested ignore it or join, your choice.  I am only trying to get the ball rolling. And as Scott said to me this morning, He is hopeful this becomes an annual I added that to the title, for grins, though who knows? Mike,  NO7RF
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  • DMR | PNW-Idaho / Idaho DMR Repeaters on the PNW DMR Network
    A place keeper for Idaho State if there is any interest.  Currently the solo Idaho repeater closely follows Washington state due to stateline proximity as well as excellent overlapping coverage with the Spokane repeater.
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  • DMR | PNW-MMDVM / PNW MMDVM Server Project for Multiple Servers in the Same Virtual Machine
    This group will be used to document our efforts to roll out 2 or more MMDVM to IPSC servers (AKA: Bridget) on the same VM. Please provide your first name and call sign in your subscription/profile after your request to join has been made.  If you do not do this you will not be be joining our group.  Think of it as a simple test to follow instructions. UPDATE: We have our first multiple instances running on a single VM with the great help by Dylan KI7SBI.  He has published his work on GitHub.  What we still lack is the install scripting and documentation that enables a 2 or 3 instance install using a newly spun-up VM (at Digital Ocean).  That is in the works and normal workloads and the holidays have slowed out effort to publish the script and documentation.  But it is coming... It is not a general MMDVM support group but a specific effort for the common man to be able to roll out their own multiple servers on the same machine.  While we have a narrow focus, we will share the fruits of our efforts with other neophyte groups who wish to deploy their own MMDVM services for their members.  Or consider this an in-house effort to discuss how to and best approach to, this goal. We are using the cool project that W0MJS, Cort has spearheaded and others have contributed to over the years.  See the overall project at:  Github ( ) and join their Forum ( ) if you are interested in their work. We have wanted to be able to offer an easy method to stack up our MMDVM servers on the same VM so that multiple MMDVM devices could access different talkgroup decks to various c-Bridges (via IPSC).  Then to publish the method so that others (like us) who know little about Linux would be able to deploy these multiple servers. As our busy Bridget here at PNW DMR is only using about 11% CPU on a minimal DO 1 core VM, we think we can stack up 4 or 5 more "Bridgets", so to speak on a single monthly service.  Memory use is the larger factor over that of CPU as our early 2 stack is using about 300 MB RAM Likely others have done this already and it is not a big deal but the secret sauce hasn't trickled down to us yet.  While others have lent a hand in the past with Screen and one other method I don't recall now, we were stuck until Dylan came to our rescue with his Docker implementation. If you would like to help, let us know.  If you request to join, please update your profile/bio if we don't already know you.  Here's how ( ) * *
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  • DMR | PNW-NCS / PNW DMR Net Support
    This is a closed group that will be used to support our NCS's, Repeater Owners, Network contributers and other hams with a vested interest in our Nets, Gatherings, Not-A-Nets and other dedicated support for passing information out to our general membership. If you wish to join this group, please request to join and put something in your Subscription Profile Bio (bios can be individually tailored for each sub-group) that provides us with the needed information for your access and your interest in this group.  You may also submit an Email to this groups owner or ( ) if you like but  something in your Bio should be sufficient.  We just would like to something more than a casual interest in the group. Any requests to join will likely be ignored if submitted with no profile updates or are not already a member of our primary DMR group supporting PNW DMR in the Pacific Northwest.
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  • DMR | PNW-RouterOS / PNW DMR RouterOS
    PNW DMR's support and use of *MikroTik's Router* ( ) and *Operating System* ( ).  Also used by HamWAN as well as our data center supporters.  All RouterOS is the same across their line of routers, so only a single version to learn. If you are a PNW DMR member (or close cousin) and want to learn more about these powerful and inexpensive routers, this might be the place. NOTE: the *MikroTik RB750Gr3* ( ) is around *$50 Prime at Amazon* ( )
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  • DMR | RepeaterBook / RepeaterBook for DMR
    Repeaterbook discussions for DMR primarily. Repeaterbook is now making efforts to better support our niche group of DMR. *Disclaimer:* This group is not sanctioned by yet!
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  • DMR | Secure / Secure Stuff for Hams; PGP, ProtonMail, etc.
    Secure Stuff for Hams: PGP and ProtonMail Hams only please unless you provide good reasons otherwise.  Hams not part of PNW, please provide reasoning as well.  We are not a general support group. Please add your name, call and location to your subscription profile after your request to join.  If that information is not provided by your profile, you likely will not be approved.
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  • DMR | c-Bridge-DMRX / c-Bridge Admins Using the DMRX Talkgroup Server
    This is a group primarily to support the Ham radio c-Bridge managers, administrator, IPSC users, developers and 3rd party services and tool creators who are using the talkgroups services provided by DRMX. If you are interested in the c-Bridge more generally, then consider our open, public group at:  ** ( ) This group is closed, so you must provide your call, name, c-Bridge representation or other credentials by adding them to your subscription profile.  This can be done as soon as you make your request to join.  If you don't provide any info in your subscription profile, then your request will not be approved and groups.IO will drop your request after 14 days. This group's privacy settings will maxed out, so unless you post, members won't be able to see that you are a member.  The public is blocked completely except for search hits to locate this group and then the group's homepage info which you are reading now.  This may be relaxed in the future depending on member preferences, but we choose to lock it down in an abundance of caution for the concerns of the membership. DMRX doesn't have a effective method to get the news out, but this group can and will.   We will be announcing a new and much improved c-Bridge alias file service soon, better than provided by DMRX currently.  We will have some updates on the DMRX dashboard and other services soon also.  We are trying to keep DMRX afloat but the costs are pushing us to look in other directions as well. -- Mike, NO7RF, Mazama, WA USA, DMRX Team member
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  • DMR | c-Bridge-Public / c-Bridge Public
    This group supports c-Bridge consideration, acquisition and management for the Ham environment.  This group is open to anyone with an interest in c-Bridges at any point prior its purchase or late into the programming of your c-Bridge as well as the RVN updates.  Hopefully this group will grow into a valued resource be it for those considering a purchase or those who are trying to set up some complicated talkgroup handling. Hashtags are required as they are the single best way to in a single click to organize the posts (with or without search) and then drilling down to information that has been buried by hundreds of newer posts.  Some posts may be re-tagged as we move forward. All that is required to join the group is to provide your name, call sign and location.  If you put this information into your Subscription profile, you will be approved.  If you don't, you won't.  If you by chance are not a ham, you may still join.  Please provide your interest in the group via your bio.  Your interest may be as a vendor, developer or proficient c-Bridge programmer or advanced user. The group is brand new, still fleshing out the features, hashtags and other admin drudge.  So expect changes and check back later if you don't find it appealing at this early onset. The group is not moderated though new members may be for 1 post if we do not know you. As this is an open group, we request that you, please, if you play here in our sandbox, that you play nicely...personal BS, politics, religion will not be tolerated.  This group will not morph into a catbox full of turds.
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