DMR in the Pacific Northwest - Stakeholder and Managers

DMR in the Pacific Northwest managers and stakeholders have varied interested, methods, talkgroups and approaches to networking or linking outside of their own core groups.  This group is group and faction please leave your DMR baggage behind.  If you have never been involved in the politics of DMR, then you might find it hard to appreciate the tenuous nature of an idea this bold being attempted.

This group is closed or restricted, generally made available to new members by invitation, listed publicly and with several moderators.  If you request membership, then you must include your name, call and a bio entry for consideration.  If you don't, you likely will not be approved, though a moderator may ask for more info or remind you to complete your subscription profile.

Everyone must must place a bio of at least a few lines in their subscription profile so that any member can lean a bit about the members are and how they or who they represent.  No bio, no membership. Also the "Display Name" field must include your first name and your call, ideally also the group you represent.  Something like "Joe - WA7DMR - Seattle - Boeing DMR ARC" would be perfect in the display name field.  Additional details are welcome in your bio space.

If you are a stakeholder in DMR in the region, then you may be interested in joining this IO Group.  By stakeholder, the meaning would be a DMR repeater owner (minimum of garage, not a paper repeater), DMR networking manager, an admin of a bonified DMR group or of some professional expertise that shows merit.  The key is that this group is NOT a group for the normal DMR users who do not have a working or managing interest in DMR in this region. 

If you join, it should be in the spirit to work for the collective good of DMR Ham radio and not SOLELY for you or your groups benefit but in tandem with all groups.  No legs up here, no rank and no rancor.

Over time, more moderators would be added to demonstrate a balanced approach that shows that moderators are able to set aside their personal DMR goals so that the wider issues can be discussed more fairly or at least with some basis of fairness.  New users will begin being moderated.  Once a member posts, the moderators will determine their status.  If you are known, there may be no moderation.  If you end up not played well in the sandbox, you may be moderated again, or worse.  So play nice and don't take it personally if your moderation status changes.  Consider it a kudo or a nudge to do better.  The point is is should be friendly, helpful and positive.  If you wish to be a moderator, just ask, but first demonstrate you are here for good and not a Trojan with a pretty horse.

Above all, personal attacks or any efforts to blast a ham or group directly (AKA: Poke the Bear) will be considered behavior demonstrating that one is not able to work in a group environment in a positive manor.  Those souls may be put on moderation, no post, removed or banned.

Communications between the groups historically may be uneven or little to none.  This group is envisioned to foster better the communications paths to bridge all the interests in DMR in this region.  It is not a policy making body but a clearinghouse for those who wish to see DMR blossom through positive efforts.  The effort is not to tell you how to run your repeater or network, not why Brandmeister is better than DMR+ or DSTAR.  It is a sharing cooperative if you will.

Likely cooperative issues could be
  • Talkgroups and purpose, new or existing
  • Announcing your group, plans or locations
  • Statewide Talkgroup use, or other TG's that may impact multiple groups
  • Nets; Why, where, date time, purpose
  • EmComm, huge and important subject
  • New DMR technology
  • New DMR user handling, training and understanding
Certainly issues will arise as DMR continues to grow rapidly.  Everything can be on the table if it is of interest and handled in a balanced and fair manor, without personal attack or invective language. 

This group will be much an experiment, a test to determine if folks from all areas of DMR might work collectively for the betterment of the Ham DMR community here in the Pacific Northwest.

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