DMR Repeater Deployment in Washington State

This is a general considerations group to foster MotoTRBO repeater growth and coverage expansion in the Pacific Northwest.  This is a subgroup for MotoTRBO repeater owners in Washington British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. 

FM Repeater owners are generally welcome if they are active in PNW DMR already and are generally interested in deploying MotoTRBO repeaters.

Please update your Subscription Profile to include: call, name, location and optionally more info along the line of the subject of this subgroup.  This should be done when you request to join or very soon thereafter.  More info on that update HERE.

The purpose is to be able to discuss TRBO repeater deployment options.  Subjects such as which sites, coverages, UHF or VHF, costs, points of contacts, site requirements, existing FM repeaters considered to switch to MotoTRBO, etc.

Membership is primarily by invitation.  If this appeals to you, you are welcome to request to join our group.  You should update your subscription profile to include the basic information above as well as your interest, experience and why you wish to join.  If you know one of the members of this group, please mention that as well.  This is not a secret handshake society but a selective private effort to more efficiently expand MotoTRBO DMR in our region through our collective experiences and efforts.

Negotiations or other private stuff is optional and likely best not discussed here.  If you are shy, please email: and tell us what you don't wish the entire group to know.  We look forward to a wide and experienced group of folks who are driven to get things done and hope you will participate and not just lurk...because you can.

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