Thank you for joining.

This group is only an umbrella group for all our io groups.  There really is almost no reason to post here but one must join here to join any of our subgroups.

Within this "Main" section for DMR are also PNW DMRDCI, DMRX and several other subgroups.  Some groups have open membership while others have some restrictions so read the introductions closely as there may be conditions that you must satisfy such as providing your call sign, location, etc.  If a group has restrictions or requests more information from you, don't ignore the you likely will not be granted membership without it.

Do Not post in this main group, always select a subgroup please.  Moderation is activated, if you do post it, your message will go to the moderation team first and likely will not be posted.  But it will be read and if it is a question that needs a response, a member of our moderation team will respond.

So please go to the top of the page, on the blue bar line, and click on Your groups.

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