locked Re: Proposed Detail Page Changes for DMR

Garrett Dow (KD6KPC)

I think the problem with that page is that there are no talk groupsassociated with that repeater. I need to handle the talk of the formation differently when that occurs.



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On Jan 21, 2018, at 12:06, David Freitag <dfreitag@...> wrote:

I like it, especially the expanded Talkgroup View (which isn't working under the new link).


On 1/20/2018 10:14 AM, Garrett Dow (KD6KPC) wrote:
Preview for users on the group. We are working to upgrade the Repeater Detail pages for DMR (and other repeaters). Please take a look:


You will notice there is more information about the repeater available than was previously. We will also be adding web links to go straight to the repeater or network pages to quickly get more information about the repeater.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Garrett, KD6KPC

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