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This main group really is not an active area but the umbrella for many other Sub-Groups. 

Please select one or more of interest and subscribe/post there.  

Any posts here are likely not to be approved and if approved, only to provide an answer and ultimately will be deleted.

If you wish to join any of our DMR subgroups, most groups require that you provide minimal entries into your Subscription Profile.  If you don't enter the information you likely will not be approved.  Here is more information on how to set your Profile (while waiting for approval):

Please switch to PNW DMR Subgroup to post to that group.  This is the main group area, has no activity and has very few readers.

                                                        Quick Info for Pacific Northwest DMR

11-12-19:  The "PNW" subgroup requires that users of our repeaters and network resources be members of the PNW sub-group.  Traveler and visitors are welcome to use all our available resources.  But hams living and/or working in the region need to join our IO group in order to use our networking resources.  If you do not wish to join the  PNW DMR IO group then you may still use our repeaters locally as all our repeater are open.  But networking access from that local repeater may be restricted globally or on a case by case basis

11-27-17:  The PNW subgroup requires that users be members in order to use the repeaters and network resources.

11-27-17: is now the main support and information vehicle for the users of the Pacific Northwest Ham DMR Networks primarily in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. British Columbia is also affiliated and we share many of our PNW talkgroups. Our membership criteria is based on call sign and member location.  To join our group, you must provide your call and location.  While waiting for your subscription request to be approved, you may update your subscription information.  That additional information may speed up your approval as you can enter your call, location, Name and other information.  You may keep that information hidden from the group but we encourage the bios to be shared.

This is an interactive group, so please if you have questions, comments or wish to help others with their DMR activities, jump right in and post. If few participate, then our group will provide poorer support for its members.  If you are too shy to post, then consider participating in Chat as these discussions are not posted to the messages forum and are not Emailed out to the list member base.  We also have a growing Wiki base of articles for beginners to advanced levels.

New users, PLEASE check out our other support page on PNW at: for a quick update on repeaters, talkgroups & our best practice page or go to our Wiki for that information.  All users are expected to have read those pages and operate accordingly.  Any questions, please send them to: pnwdmr@... or to our moderators at: