MotoTRBO (DMR) In the USA/North America

MotoTRBO (now more generically DMR) support for Ham Radio Operators in North America.
This group is a transfer-in group from the MotoTRBO USA Yahoo Group created June 29, 2009.
This group promotes the use of Motorola's IPSC as well as the c-Bridge in the Ham community. 
The group's focus should help anyone interested in IPSC network administration/codeplug design with an emphasis in the areas of IPSC Protocol implementation and breaking through to the secrets of network management, control and security, primarily by using the c-Bridge.
We hope you all document and share your discoveries or experiences. We want to explore the uses of TRBO and hope that with the efforts by a wider base of members, to learn more and do it more efficiently.
We operate several c-Bridges and more than 30 TRBO repeaters running in multiple states on our IPSC networks. DCI's repeaters are open to all, visitors, travelers and everyday users as all repeaters are open.
We are hopeful that a wider user base will contribute to the group and that will benefit all of us here. Please make an effort to be an active participant.
This group currently uses moderation of all requests to join and new member postings to insure that this is a SPAM-free group. As members become better known to the moderators, we will likely free you from moderation or ask if we don't.
PLEASE read the administrative files. You should keep the posts on topic, update the subject lines to reflect the shifting discussion threads and DO NOT OVER QUOTE. For more details, go into Files; Admin and read up on it.
We hope that you profit from this group and can contribute too. Fewer contributions; less value for everyone, so please jump in. Commercial ads are discouraged unless they benefit us hams as well, so put your price, shipping and details in a post.

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