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This group is open to any PNWDigital member who has an interest in specific radios, codeplugs, CPS and/or Programming.  Before you join this group, you must be a member of PNW IO Group, our primary IO group.  Many of the DMR sub-groups require membership in our primary IO group.

This is the PNW group for discussion of DMR radios in detail, their codeplug minutia, a codeplug clearinghouse so-to-speak.  This group is especially for feedback on the "official" codeplugs for this group.  Ideally we will have a master coder adopting their codeplugs and agreeing to keep them current.  If you have created a plug, share it with the group.

Also this will be the place to post corrections, updates, changes and additional needs to that "Master" codeplug.  We hope to make this the clearinghouse for PNW codeplugs and to make it easier to weed out the mistakes that are in all codeplugs.  And not clutter up our main IO group with all the chatter about codeplugs.

Remember, you must be a member of PNWDigital before you can join this PNW subgroup.

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