Repeater Managers

This is a closed group for repeater owners, site managers and other major contributors who may have assets dedicated to PNWDigital.Net operations or otherwise a stake or vested interest in the PNWDigital.Net.

This is not the PNWDigital.Net Admin Team but a more general group that would deal with current repeater and networking issues, updates, changes and such on a more system-wide basis as well as local repeater issues if you wish to discuss your issues.  Issues could be repeater networking, one-ways, the talkgroup deck, timers, user problems, jammers, etc.

If you have specific issues with the networking resources, issues outside of your control, please Email the PNWDigital.Net Admin Team: if you do not wish to discuss them here.

Issues may be more administrative and if it involves more than just a user or issues on your repeater, feel free to share it with the wider group.

The admin team will not necessarily know there are networking issues, so if you notice something amiss, please drop us a note.

It goes without saying that if you share it here, consider it public, so if the information is sensitive, please keep in mind that what you say here can be heard there, so-to-speak.

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