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If you have a question about DMR, you may ask it here (via Email).  Ideally, you should ask all questions in PNW as there are hundreds of members from which to draw knowledge.  But if you don't like the larger forum and need some help with DMR, then you are in the right place.  You still must be a member of PNW in order to get questions answered here.  Do not request to join unless you wish to become a mentor.

No one will see your question except our Moderators who have agreed not to share your name, call or location with others.  So don't hesitate to send us a question and we will try our best to answer your question.

You do not need to join this group unless you wish to become a mentor.  Our answers to your questions will be sent by Email back to you.  Include your Name, Call Sign and Location in the body or sig line of your Email.

     Please Email your questions to:

To participate, you must be a member of PNW DMR, that is, be a member in our IO Group:

When sending in a question be sure to include your Name, Call Sign and Location (city,state).  If this information is not included in your Email, you may not get a response as we are not a general DMR help service.  Also, please keep in mind that we are all volunteers, so if our response is slow or you feel you are getting the brush-off or otherwise, short shrift, let us know.  Unless you let us know that we have failed to provide you a decent response, we on this team will not know (or the same mentor that treated you poorly) that we failed.  So give us another chance, let us know, ask us again from a slightly different angle.  We don't want to go away mad and speak ill of our group.

We are here to support our regional membership primarily.  Any other efforts to support the general ham community is up to the Moderators and will depend on available time.  This why it is important for you to include your name, call sign and location as our members come first.

Your questions will be private however we reserve the right to use your question and our answers in our general PNW support groups.  We will remove all identifying information before posting it.  This policy will allow us to better serve our members in areas that you may have addressed and we failed to support as well as we could.  It also better utilizes our time by being able to share our time and effort across a broader group, rather than to only a single individual.

If you wish to become an Elmer/Mentor, just send in that information to the Email address above and tell us a bit more.  That information will remain internal and not be made public.  If you wish to become a mentor, you may request to join as well but we need to have some information so put it in your bio.  But the Eamil above is best.  Thanks for your interest.

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