First Annual PNW DMR at Valley Camp

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     First Annual DMR Gathering at Valley Camp for 2019 - May 17 to 19

This group is for organizing our events such as has been done in the past with the Blaine Clinic, the Moses Lake Symposium and now the long languishing West Siders planning at Valley Camp.  Other event planning or recycling could be done later as well.

If you would like to assist in the organizing, volunteering or other aspects to help bring this event to Valley Camp, you can request membership.  We are not looking for lookieLou's on this project, so don't request to join unless you honestly wish to help with is event.  Please send any additional info on how you might be able to assist to the group at:

So the current event to be organized is ambitious known as the First Annual "DMR Gathering" to be held at Valley Camp in May 2019.  This group will likely evolve but for now, my experience has been that Email organization just gets cluttered, information lost and generally painful when mixed in with one's primary Email.

So check out the group if you are interested in helping the event team.  Thom K7FZO and Bob AF9W are the primary event planners for the DMR Gathering in May 2019...along with the PNW DMR admin team.  If you are invited and not interested ignore it or join, your choice.

And as Scott, he is hopeful this becomes an annual event...We shall see...

Mike,  NO7RF

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