This is an alternative sub-group that won't have true restrictions.  If it is not about Ham, Radio, DMR, etc and you feel you must post something...especially when a topic is locked or moderated in the other PNW groups, then this is your new home.

Politics and Religion if you must, bad Email, Phishing, whatever you like.  While your motivations may be pure, it is just not the place to go off-topic.

If you join this group, then buyer beware.  If your topic is locked, bring it here, if your topic is moderated and you can't get your topics approved, bring it here.

But please, don't pollute our radio related sub-groups with unrelated posts that will drive away our members.  We get enough of that on Facebook.

This is a group for PNW members...not an open PoS group for everyone.  If you are not on PNW, do not join nor post.

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