While at first blush, it may seem overwhelming this new digital mode, we hope to provide a method to flatten the learning curve.  We have on the home page of our website, several links to important files.  These files are reasonably short and to the point to get a new DMR user up to speed on the PNW DMR network.  

New DMR Users: please read the Quick Start and/or Best Practices pages or browse through our handy links page. 

You may also catch us on our Not-A-Net Gathering Wednesday evenings on PNW 2 at 1900 local.  The Gathering was created in part, to assist our newest members.  So please join us each week.

Remember, if you are not sure how to get started and once you have a radio programmed to our repeaters, ask for help on Local 1 or Local 2 first.  If no response there, then Washington 1 or Washington 2 is next best.  Throw out your call, location and which talkgroup you are on...tell us you are a new user and have some questions or need some help.  Requests for help or demonstrations tend to get the quickest responses.  So say something compelling that will garner a response.  We have many listeners but getting them to respond lies in your hands.

Welcome aboard,

Your PNW DMR moderation Team

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