c-Bridge Admins Using the DMRX Talkgroup Server c-Bridge-DMRX@DMR.groups.io

This is a group created primarily to support the Ham radio c-Bridge managers, administrators and groups who are using the talkgroups services provided by DRMX.

If you are interested in the c-Bridge more generally, then consider our open, public group at:  https://dmr.groups.io/g/c-Bridge-Public

This group is closed, so you must provide your call, name, c-Bridge representation or other credentials by adding them to your subscription profile.  This can be done as soon as you make your request to join.  If you don't provide any info in your subscription profile, then your request will not be approved and groups.IO will drop your request after 14 days.

This group's privacy settings will be maxed out, so unless you post, members won't be able to see that you are a member.  The public is blocked completely except for search hits to locate this group and then the group's homepage info which you are reading now.  This may be relaxed in the future depending on member preferences, but we choose to lock it down in an abundance of caution for the concerns of the membership.

DMRX uses this IO group to communicate quickly, especially during acute connectivity periods with our TG customers as well as more generally, to discuss issues of mutual interest.

DMRX does not support DMR networking services provided by other devices including IPSC2, TGIF, etc.  We support only c-Bridge networks.  Our TG servers are designed for redundant failover services that only c-Bridges support.  While other networking services are useful, it is not our policy to provide connections.  c-Bridges that are using DMRX servers are not allowed to provide our TG's to other networking services.  If those c-Bridges provide these services, then they likely are to loose their connections to DMRX.

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