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This group supports c-Bridge consideration, acquisition and management for the Ham environment.  This group is open to anyone with an interest in c-Bridges at any point prior its purchase or late into the programming of your c-Bridge as well as the RVN updates.  Hopefully this group will grow into a valued resource be it for those considering a purchase or those who are trying to set up some complicated talkgroup handling.

Hashtags are required as they are the single best way to in a single click to organize the posts (with or without search) and then drilling down to information that has been buried by hundreds of newer posts.  Some posts may be re-tagged as we move forward.

All that is required to join the group is to provide your name, call sign and location.  If you put this information into your Subscription profile, you will be approved.  If you don't, you won't.  If you by chance are not a ham, you may still join.  Please provide your interest in the group via your bio.  Your interest may be as a vendor, developer or proficient c-Bridge programmer or advanced user.

The group is brand new, still fleshing out the features, hashtags and other admin drudge.  So expect changes and check back later if you don't find it appealing at this early onset.

4As this is an open group, we request that you, please, if you play here in our sandbox, that you play nicely...personal BS, politics, religion will not be tolerated.  This group will not morph into a catbox full of turds.

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