OR-SAR c-Bridge Learning and Documentation or-sar-cbridge@DMR.groups.io

This is for the OR-SAR c-Bridge and will convert to their admins use exclusively once the initial training on the c-Bridge has been completed.

This group will support those OR-SAR Members who are interested in learning how the c-Bridge works, including the programming building blocks or the very basics.  Advanced use of the c-Bridge is not a goal for this group at this time.

Hopefully this can be a group to supplement video conferencing as it would be a better training approach due to interactivity and screen sharing.

But let's give it a try with a slow boat approach and maybe an interactive component will surface.

This group is by invitation only and may provide proprietary information about 1 or more active or production c-Bridges.  Only PNW members may join.  If you were not invited directly to this group and you wish to join, you should provide a detailed Email to the group owner or include something very compelling in your bio for this IO group.

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