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PNWDigital provides an extensive website at  Most of the information on the web is openly available to everyone while this IO group requires one to join to become a member of PNWDigital.  Membership is free and it includes all networking services.

PNWDigital.Net is a Ham Radio association providing DMR repeater and networking services to Radio Amateurs.  The network is based on "c-Bridge" networking devices and Motorola MotoTRBO repeaters.  The repeaters are located in British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon.  We operate 3 c-Bridges using 3 different data centers in our region and have more than 80 repeaters, 11 MMDVM servers and 2 Echo Servers, all supporting our network operations (Repeaters Map).   We provide adjunct services via our own direct connecting MMDVM servers for members who have no access to our repeaters. 
We provide an extensive website at  Most of the information on the web is openly available to everyone while this group requires membership (free).
This group is the primary support and information vehicle for the members of PNWDigital.Net.  Membership is entirely free, no dues, no initiation fees, but you must live in the Pacific Northwest region to become a member (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington & British Columbia).  We do gladly accept donations as our ongoing costs alone exceed $1,100.00 per month for servers, Internet, site rent & insurance, which does not include any costs for repeaters and installation.

NOTE: After applying for membership, you MUST/Should/Please enter your name, call sign, DMR Radio ID numbers and location into your Subscription/profile.  Please do not skip this step as it will delay your approval or your request may expire.
If you are trying to join this IO Group, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the Button --->  "Apply For Membership In This Group"

Our repeaters are open to any ham to use on talkgroups Local 1 or Metro 2 but you must be a member of this group in order to use the additional networking services.  Our membership criteria is based simply on a ham's primary residence location.  To join this group and become a member, please provide your name, call and location.  Additional information may speed up your approval.

For the latest Repeater and Network updates, goto Message 3909 

We support radio programming in a related sub-group:
We support hotspots and MMDVM services in our related sub-group:
You must be a member of PNW before being able to join our specialty sub-groups however.

This is an interactive group, so please if you have questions, comments or wish to help others with their DMR activities, jump right in and post. If few participate, then our group will provide poorer support for its members.

We are also ​use as a back-channel support method.  Our PNWDigital.Net presence is:​  Be sure to answer the questions if you wish to join MeWe.​  Incomplete responses will likely result in not being approved.

 Any questions, please send them to our moderators at:

Please add your First Name, Call Sign​, Location (City/ST) and your DMR radio ID numbers​ to your profile also.
Any other info is optional but always nice (profile image/avatar, sig line or bio is very handy to have) to be able to get to know group members better with a bit of help via their profile.  You may make these update now, while waiting for approval.

You will not be approved without this information in your profile! 
More repeaters are planned for 2020.  We have about 55 repeaters in the close network and another 15 or so on allifiated c-Bridge networks in our region.  We are now deploying converted FM repeaters as well as we have developed a method that enables almost as good a DMR service as MotoTRBO repeaters.  We encourage individuals and clubs, ARES groups, etc to BYOB their own repeaters for fill-in services anywhere in our region.  We will assist you in deploying your assets to come onto the PNWDigital.Net Network.

We use MotoTRBO repeaters but are client radio agnostic as long as they work properly on our networks. While MotoTRBO is fully supported and Anytone AT-D878UV (dual band) are the suggested (mid-range cost) HT options, other models may require their owners to support their radios directly. We appreciate and encourage all member to share their codeplugs and experiences with us in our PNW-CPS-Programming-Codeplugs group.

PNWDigital.Net has added several Brandmeister talkgroups and PNWDigital.Net also supports MMDVM devices with our various servers which are also for member use.  HotSpots are able to connect directly into our network via these local servers, providing an alternative to Brandmeister connections which may lack cross-connection sharing.  We also have a number of BM cross-connected talkgroups as well as our own dedicated BM talkgroup: PNW Regional, TG ID 31771 (timeslot 2 on our c-Bridges).  If you are on Brandmeister, we have TG # 31771 (PNW Regional 2) on full time on many of our repeaters.

If you are a regular user of PNWDigital.Net networking servers you need to join this group.  Visitors to our region and through travelers need not become members.  

This is NOT a general DMR group and is only open to members living in our region or those with exceptional reasons if not in our area. We need to know your name, call sign​, Radio ID's and location at the very minimum, so update your profile and for faster service to be approved, send an Email to: with your call, location and why you wish to join. 
This group is not moderated except for the first few posts from a new member or members who post outside of our guidelines. It is your choice if you don't want list posts via Email, please go to your profile and adjust how emails are sent to you.  Digesting is a great option to bundle up multiple posts and receive a menu'ed grouping of individual posts all in a single package.  ln case of PNW crisis, the moderators may require information to be disseminated ASAP, so we may override your settings to push important system information your way for critical events only.

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